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Italy is a country unique in the world. A country rich in traditions, territories unparalleled, companies united by a passion for excellence. Chambers of Commercesupport this model in the world and promote the inimitable Italian production.
 For the EXPO 2015 Chambers of Commerce have created an institutional project to promote the agri-food chain. In December will be on line on the platform 700,000 Italian companies in the food industry. A showcase of Italian food where certified companies with more information will be recognized as more skilled and will also be more visible.

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The official business register of the Italian Chambers of Commerce online to get legal and business information on a company or person. Simple, immediate access to official Chamber of Commerce information on 6 million firms

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Center for Agricultural Experimentation and Assistance is a special agency of Chamber of Commerce of Savona

Founded in 1961, the Center For Agricultural Experimentation and Assistance is a special agency of Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Savona. Greenhouses, plastic houses and open fields used for trials, demonstration and extension services cover a total surface of 50,000 m2. 

artigiani in Liguria 5

Artisans in Liguria, "Artigiani In Liguria"

Artisans in Liguria, "Artigiani In Liguria", is a collective geographical trademark. It was designed, and is guaranteed, by the Regione Liguria as a means to identify, promote, and protect-through a system of certification-Ligurian artistic artisans whose traditional work is typical in its high quality. The Regional Commission for Artisan Workmanship-in collaboration with the guild associations, C.N.A and Confartigianato-have identified ten sectors of niche artisans who represent the most significant and ancient trades on the regional territory

seal of quality

The Quality tourism portal (external link)

The Seal of Quality is a certification promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce to develop the offer of quality in Italy. It consists of a group of enterprises whose main goals are to search for quality and make yearly evaluations.


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